Volkswagen – Vans Monopolise the Current Industry Trends

Volkswagen van businesses have been the focus of many of the leading car dealerships of late and it shows in the rise in new van sales over the past few years. Van centres have different agreements with Volkswagen than what those who sell passenger vehicles have. The agreements are individually drawn up according to each centre. The franchising teams for Volkswagen are separately run from head office. Changes in the market and structure of car sales and repairs have been carried out accordingly with Van Centres at the forefront as that seems to be what is pushing the bar in the current trend.

Van Centres

Redevelopment and refurbishment of many existing van centres throughout the UK have taken place in a bid to monopolise on a part of the motor industry that appears to be working. Marshall Motor Group Holdings has pumped money into bringing Marshal Van Centre in Reading up to standard. The bug seems to have bitten with the Lancaster Volkswagen Van Centre situated in Loughton, following suit with a redevelopment and facelift to the premises. Wrexham’s Swansway business has also been subjected to major changes. Volkswagen’s Richard Blunden has seen this as a renewed commitment to the business.

New Ventures For Inchcape and Agnew

A new Volkswagen van repair workshop has been opened by Inchcape in Manchester, situated on Trafford Park. The facility boasts 21 000 square metres and features an MOT facility and 16 service ramps. It is the largest of its kind in the UK. The new authorised repair centre is conveniently located within a close proximity to Volkswagen’s commercial retail site. The repair centre will provide the convenience of closing their doors at 10 pm three night of every week. The facility has created work for 22 locals. Not to be left out of the action, Northern Ireland’s Agnew Group has opened a Van Centre in Newtownabbey right next door to the same named passenger car dealer.