Northern Ireland – Cars On The Roads Are Ageing

Northern Ireland has seen a massive decline in new car sales during the first part of 2018, that equates to a 3.7% drop which is quite considerable. Compared with the sales figures over the past four years, this is definitely the weakest the market has been to date. A total of 5501 new cars were sold in June 2018, the lowest comparative figure for six years. Consumers are uncertain about the state of the economy and where it’s headed and that in essence creates a situation where tightening the budget is necessary for survival. The decline recorded over the past two years seems set on a continued downward spiral.

Cars That Made The Grade

Northern Ireland occupants took a shine to the Ford Focus. It was the most popular car to purchase as a new deal during the first part of this year. While the sales haven’t been phenomenal at all, it was the only vehicle to break the 1000 units mark. The Golf from Volkswagen ran a close second with just under 1000 units finding new owners. These top brands had 3 models each of the top ten best sellers, the rest of the spots being occupied by the likes of Kia, Nissan, Hyundai and Vauxhall. SUV’s were more in demand with six of the best sellers making the grade leaving the last four places for the convenient, reliable hatch vehicles.

Diesel Or Petrol

For many, the choice is a personal preference, while for others it may be the related costs of the fuels that power the vehicles. Throughout the UK during the first part of the year, there have been radical differences between sales of the various engines. While diesel engines succumbed to a decline of more than 30%, petrol engines increased by just over 11%. Vehicles using alternative fuels increased in sales by 24%. Overall the decrease is glaring and lack of consumer confidence is the major cause for the fall.