Limerick Lads Take Top Place

A Startup company based in Limerick has made a technological breakthrough, designing software that uses algorithms to analyse facial expressions within video content. EmotionReader has been awarded a multimillion-dollar deal which will put them on the map. The company originally founded by Padraig O’Leary and Stephen Moore in 2017 has been incorporated into the fray by Kairos. Kairos is a company that specialised in facial recognition technology. While no figures have been attributed to the deal you can only assume that it is quite a considerable one.


As part of the collaboration and deal, Kairos has plans to consolidate the research team in Singapore where co-founder Dr. Moore is based. Moore comes with outstanding credentials and is an alumnus of Limerick University in Ireland. He previously worked as the chief technology officer for another company acquired by Kairos in 2015, IMRSV. Dr. Leary too comes with credentials of mentionable value, having previously held positions of note at various facilities which include that of researcher and Lero centre in Limerick.

The Technology

The patent is still pending on the concept of the EmotionReader, which is developed and built on an artificial intelligence platform. The AI makes use of computer vision and deep learning to keep track of facial features and expressions. This information is then converted to real-time as an indication of how the viewing audience is affected by what they see. Kairos believes that the EmotionReader is an option that is well-suited to them. AI has seen tremendous improvements and developments recently and Kairos believes they are perfectly placed to make it a reality that will change the lives of millions in positive ways. The balance needs to be found between achieving the reality while still maintaining a socially responsible approach towards the greater result which will benefit all.