Ireland, Start Up Capital – It Seems

Manchester-based startup, Immotion, is funded by Irish entrepreneur Mr. Downes, whose success has seen him being listed in London and has already raised £5.75 million. The company itself is concentrated on developing virtual reality that is immersive and it was the primary investment gained from successful company Sure Ventures. Sure Ventures is a company founded in 2017 by Downes. Sure Ventures placed a huge investment of £500,000 in Immotion who creates arcade-style games that are often put on display throughout shopping arenas and various other locations.. Virtual reality and augmented reality is on the rise and is set to see considerable growth in the near future.


The Immotion Group is known as creative founders in their field. They offer a unique experience which is guaranteed to change both home and away entertainment for families. Their teams are innovators in the truest sense of the word and Mr. Downes is confident that there is nothing that is going to stand in their way or slow them down. They have their goals set and will go until they achieve it. In saying that, Mr. Downes is well-versed in both tech and business and surely wouldn’t throw money away on something he sees no vision for.

The Entrepreneur – Downes

During 2014, the entrepreneur, Downes, sold FeedHenry which is a nine-year-old mobile software development company, to a US company of multinational stature called RedHat for 60 million Euros. Sure Ventures was first listed in January on London’s market know for its specialization in funds and has raised 3.7 million Euros to date, which have also proven to be very useful to the company. Suir is a company which has its specialties in funding and providing support to start-ups who are concentrated on augmented and virtual reality. The venture has already funded more than just a few Irish-based companies successfully.