Ireland – History, Culture, Tradition and World Class Casinos

Casinos are an entertainment activity that peaks the interest of thousands of people all over the world, including those in Ireland. Ireland has many casinos dotted all over the country, however, the vast majority are situated in the region of Dublin, the capital. The tourist trade in Ireland is one that booms year in and year out. The beautiful, natural surroundings and opportunities to explore the history, culture and castles is an experience that many crave. The inclusion of online casinos, accessible from mobile as Royal Vegas android app into that industry, as an alternative form of entertainment has been a wise one.


Gambling and casino regulations are not the same throughout the world and in Ireland, the responsibility of regulator does not rest on the shoulders of only one body. The duty is shared by a number of public bodies who regulate and license products. You cannot simply build and open a casino at will, there are procedures that must be followed and rules to abide by. Failing to do so is a serious offence. The Revenue Commissioners are responsible for allocating and presenting licenses to both the online operators and offline counterparts as well as intermediaries involved in remote betting.


A certificate of fitness is a pre-requisite to applying for a license. Residents of Ireland can apply for the certificate with the Irish Police Force, while foreigners can direct their applications to the Department of Justice and Equality. Gaming machines that offer low stakes are allowed, however, the operator must hold a valid license which can also be obtained from the Revenue Commissioner. Should you include these kinds of games with low stakes in an amusement hall or funfair, it is permitted, however, the number allowed is limited and a license is required. This can be obtained from the local authority or the District Court. Governmental laws in place are used as guidelines for the regulation of gambling in the country.