Derry City Celebrates Its 200th Latest New Enterprise Launched

It seems as if the dedication that the Derry City and Strabane District Council’s entrepreneurship programme, Go For It is paying off in leaps and bounds. The council celebrates a rather significant and noteworthy milestone after it helped its 200th new enterprise to not only compile a legitimate business plan but also helping find possible ways of financing it. The latest venture is rather fitting of the old Irish tradition of beer drinking, the council helped The Brewery at Baronscourt Estate in County Tyrone complete the council’s scheme programmes. The programme is renowned and has helped shape and catapult many small and medium-sized businesses.

Knowing How To Get Things Done

The Go For It programme is structured in a way that helps prospective business owners and entrepreneurs to gain perspective. This is done by offering active support and advice to any individual or group of individuals looking to start their own business enterprise. The programme takes individuals through every single step in the process of creating an excellent business plan. The Derry City and Strabane mayor, John Boyle, expressed the importance of this kind of support to business owners, stating that start-ups like the Baronscourt Brewery played a major and significant role in growing the local economy. He went on to commend the role of small businesses in their ability to create job opportunities.

Looking Into The Future For More

The programme seems to just be getting started with their quest to see more and more local prospective business owners being equipped will all the necessary information to start-up a successful business. The council hopes to see about 2,000 business plans being completed by the end of July throughout the greater Northern Ireland. The programme is also well known for its contributions from and partnerships with other organisations such as Enterprise NI which helps with providing key business advisors through their network. Its partnerships like these that keep the programme running like a well-oiled machine.