Casinos, Slots Monopolise the Business

Slot machines are a vital part of any casino, they are money-makers that casinos cannot afford to have offline. The modern machines are mostly electronic and require a fair amount of maintenance to keep in running order and it isn’t just anyone who can carry it out. Most suppliers of the machines do have service and repair departments available to keep running at its full potential. Anything other than everything in working order is not satisfactory for any casino, it’s money out the door.

The Importance of Repairs and Service to Slots

Slot machines are quite involved machines that require very specific parts in order to function as they should. The slightest deviation in any part or setting could throw the machine into disarray and cause tremendous losses for the casino. While the old school machines were more mechanical in nature and incorporated the actual arm which was pulled to move the reels, the new versions work on electronics, computers and magnets. Specialist training is required to succeed in the position. At the end of the day, regardless of customers who win, the house should always come out on top.


Becoming a casino slot machine technician is not a job suited for everyone. A sound technical knowledge and understanding of electronics is required. Special training is required in order to qualify for the position and that must be followed by an internship of some sorts in order to gain hands-on experience. Theoretical knowledge is no replacement for technical know-how, however, both are required to succeed in a field that requires attention to detail, timely service and happy customers. Working in a fast-paced, pressure-filled environment like a casino is one that requires your wits and a level-headed approach. An outgoing, friendly personality is a must, dealing with customers is not for the moody.