The New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme in Ireland is a programme which is in place to assist start-ups in the early stages to grow and succeed. The programme is funded by Enterprise Ireland. Everyone knows how starting a business can be a challenging task. While you may have a successful idea, you may not have the business knowledge or funding to put your plan into action and that for many is what creates an obstacle that cannot be overcome. The programme, in essence, provides participants with comprehensive business supports.

Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding has seen its popularity soar with the onset of social media platforms. Donncha Hughes, a trainer and mentor for New Frontier, recently shared her views on the subject and provided useful tips for those who are considering the platform. Kickstarter is one such platform that is making waves in the start-up industry. While Kickstarter doesn’t guarantee any projects and doesn’t carry out any investigations as to whether or not the creator can complete the project, they provide a funding platform. It is up to the creator to fulfill the promises made. The key to the success of any project, according to Derek O’Sullivan of Crua Outdoors, is providing a product that is brilliant and truly understanding the customer market you are targeting. Achieving this will create loyalty to your brand.

Successful Crowd Funding

O’Sullivan went on to identify three areas that could drive your campaign to success. Undertaking thorough market research is key. You have to ensure that what you are offering is what the market is looking for. There won’t be interest otherwise. The inclusion of a video in your crowdfunding attempts is paramount. The video must clearly detail your product and the problem or situations that will be addressed by the product. Drive traffic onto your site any way you can. Devise a plan beforehand of how to source traffic and drive that traffic onto your crowdfunding site.