There is more to any car brand than what meets the eye. The Irish people are a traditional nation. Most of the preferred brands are somewhat influenced by their history. For example, those which were once assembled locally. Like the Ford, Volkswagen, Fiat, Renault and the Skoda are among the most popular. People tend to keep to what they know and things that have been tried and tested. Other factors which contribute to a favored brand are the make or range of the cars. The brands which offer family appropriate automobiles or the family saloon. This has seen the introduction of other brands like Toyota, Hyundai, BMW.

Men Versus Women

The biased ideology of any people, in general, has also affected the Irish people when choosing cars. Men are assumed to drive certain cars that are considered masculine. These cars include the famous Italian cars and other sports expensive cars like the Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Audi and other similar. These cars also use manual gears. On the other hand, women choose the roomy family cars and smaller, cheaper and auto-gear car brands. These may include the Toyota, fiat, Renault among other cheaper brands. The color of the cars on different brands adds to making a choice between genders. The bolder and darker colors preferred by men.

Savvy Or Fancy

The cost of the brands also determines what Irish people are willing to buy. The more affordable ranges are the favored brands and most popular. Like Toyota’s Yaris and the Opel ranges. Yet also the hybrid brands are catching up with the market. The price of the car also determines other costs as well. For example, the size of the engine determines the fuel consumption, the type of fuel is also of individual preference. The diesel car brands are also preferred as they are considered stronger.