Road safety is not only a concern for the driver but also both the government and car manufacturing companies. Statistics in car fatalities on Irish roads fell by 15 percent last year, an indication that the essentials of socially adaptive automobiles are important. Not only is it about the aesthetic appeal of the car, but also the overall functionality. When it comes to safety and life preservation, initiative technology has a crucial role to play. Furthermore, green technology is no longer a conspiracy theory to reducing congestion on the roads. However, knowing which brands are most appealing to Irish drivers is a fascinating insight as to what car is considered safe, convenient and pocket-friendly.

The Rising Brands That Appeal To Consumers

Diesel car purchases make up for over 60 percent of new automobiles acquired by Irish drivers. The cost of fuel could be the catalyst that has resulted in this trend. However, the brands which are considered premium vehicle purchases include Hyundai Tucson, Volkswagen Golf, Nissan Qashqai and Ford Focus. The affinity for Ford has waned as the demand for technological innovations rises. Drivers want vehicles that offer more than just Bluetooth technology and seat warmers, but safety for the family. The actual fact is that all brand ranges are designed to incorporate reliable engineering, although some have more than others.

Engine Technological Advancements For Daily Commutes

Engines are an essential mechanism and with the rise of the Freevalve by Koenigsegg is assisting in the efficiency of cars. This camless technology allows for more control of combustion, due to their direct attachment to the exhaust. What this translates to is the fuel economy for those who commute daily. In essence, engine engineering and fuel have seen a rise in the purchase of in city electric cars. Hybrid technology has also helped to increase the consumer choice in vehicles.